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A facial creates a new facial perspective.

Feeling tense around your cheeks or chin? That’s expected. As we go through our busy day, the muscles in our face tense up, restricting circulation, making our face feel saggy and sore.

Using a variety of massage techniques, the Facial Massage improves the circulation in your facial muscles, reducing tension and giving the skin a healthy glow.

The Facial Massage is combined with aromatherapy for the ultimate in stress relief. Aromatherapy and massage have similar benefits: both improve blood flow and circulation, and both help relax tension in your muscles. As your face is massaged, oils and scents are used to help relax you and reduces your stress.

Combine this massage with our Anti-Aging Acupuncture treatment for a discount.



Health-Pro Wellness would like to delight you and your whole family with the new line of Mila D’Opiz Swiss Beauty Facials!

Please come and try any of the following:

Mila White Shade Facial $85.00
Phyto de Luxe $120.00
Business Facial $45.00
Lifting Concentrate Facial $99.00
Hyaluron Concentrate Facial $99.00
Anti Wrinkle Concentrate Facial $99.00
Vitamin C Concentrate Facial $99.00
Hydration Concentrate Facial $99.00
Purifying Concentrate Facial $99.00