Massage of scalp.

No more migraines.

Champissage is another name for this type of relaxation massage that originated in India over a thousand years ago. The purpose of this type of massage is to manipulate energy channels and to get rid of negative energy build up by massaging head, neck and face.

The great advantage of this type of massage is that it is performed in a seated position and can be done in any situation whether you are at work, home or spa. The duration of Indian Head Massage is usually 25-45 minutes, however, we have customized it to include another 20 minutes of full arm massage. So in total, Indian Head Massage would take 1 full hour to complete. It may or may not use any oils. The masseuse would start applying pressure on upper back then traveling to shoulders, neck, head and face.

The benefits of this type of massage are: general relaxation, increased blood circulation and drain away toxins, increased joint mobility, improves immune system and hair growth.