Get a massage at the Vaughan Chiropractor clinic.

Feel relaxed and healthier.


If you have tense or sore muscles, stress, or chronic pain―you could benefit from a good massage.

Dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks, massages have long been used to reduce tension and stress through the expert application of oils, lotions and manual manipulation.

When our muscles are tense for a long time, blood flow becomes restricted, and the muscles can become filled with toxins, leading to sore, achy pains. Massages relax the muscles, allowing blood flow to return to normal. The improved blood flow washes away toxins, leaving you feeling mobile and pain-free.

At Health-Pro Wellness, we offer:

Swedish Massages

Deep Tissue Massages

Foot Reflexology

Hot Stone Massages

Honey Massage Treatments

Anti-Cellulite Massages

Facial/Aromatherapy Massages

Herbal Bag Massages

Pregnancy Massages

Indian Head Massages.

We also offer “Massage Membership Programs”. If you obtain a membership card, you get the following advantages:

  • Quicker bookings
  • Receive weekly promotions
  • Guaranteed price
  • Choice of your massage

Everyone is welcome to join one of the available programs (the enrolment is FREE). Choose between “Membership A” and “Membership B”.

Membership A: Once a month you pay $60 for a 1-hour massage and continue to have unlimited massages at the same rate payable each visit. This will guarantee a fixed price ($60/1 hour massage every time you come in) and allows as many visits as you like.

Membership B: Pay $600 at once and receive 12 1-hour massages. This prepaid package can be used at your own pace for one full year and you don’t need to worry about paying every time you come in.