Treat your feet with our top of the line orthopaedic footware.

Your feet work hard for you everyday so treat your feet right! Getting the right orthotics and orthapaedic shoes is key for both your short and long term foot comfort.

Suffering from pain in the hip, feet, or lower back? You may want to consider our orthotics service.

Orthotics are custom-built insoles that sit in your shoes, and help correct the posture of your ankles and feet, which can help reduce pain in your back, feet and knees. They can also correct for conditions such as a difference in the length of your legs, as well as help prevent further injuries, and improve the alignment of your joints.

We also offer compression stockings, which are specialized stockings that put pressure onto your legs, increasing blood flow through your veins, relieving aches and fatigue in your legs.

How do they work? By putting pressure on the veins near the surface of your legs, blood is rerouted through other circulatory channels, improving blood flow. This causes more blood to return to your heart instead of staying in your legs.

Compression stockings can be used to treat aching legs, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema, poor circulation, and clotting.

At Health-Pro Wellness, our chiropractor is certified to analyze your gait and provide a medical assessment to you so that your orthotics will be custom-built specifically for your feet. They can tell you if compression stockings are right for you.

We are currently offering a discount on our orthotics treatment:

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