Hair removal with laser

A hairless face is smoother.

As you age, your skin can grow loose or wrinkled, especially around the face, neck and arms, or on the thighs or abdomen. Loose skin can also show up after some surgeries. Loose skin can be unsightly and can make you look older than you are.

But you’re not stuck with it! If you have unwanted loose skin or wrinkles, we can change that.

At Health-Pro Wellness, we offer skin-tightening laser treatments to firm and tone loose and wrinkling skin.

How does it work? The treatment heats up the tissue just beneath the top layer of your skin, causing your skin to develop new collagen and increase blood flow, which tightens and tones the skin. Results are immediate, and, with care and attention, long lasting.

Laser skin-tightening is a non-invasive procedure, and treatments don’t take very long to complete. They last about 45 minutes, and you shouldn’t need more than three to five treatments every two weeks. There is no down time or recovery time; you’ll be able to go to work or school immediately afterwards.

The treatment doesn’t hurt, either. Most people describe the treatment as comfortable, and the risk of side effect is very low.