The art of yoga is an ancient philosophical and spiritual system intended to unite the body and mind...


The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. The art of yoga is an ancient philosophical and spiritual system intended to unite the body and mind. The kind of yoga we will offer involves postures, called asanas, and breathing exercises, called pranayama. This type of yoga is usually called Hatha yoga.

The postures and breathing exercises in Hatha yoga help you to learn how to control and maximize your breath, allowing you to push through difficult physical tasks and moments.

Through practice, this combination of breath and movement can improve your mind-body awareness, as well as your health, stamina and flexibility.

We will also offer Ashtanga and Hot Yoga. Ashtanga yoga focuses on breathing and breath control, helping you to concentrate on your own senses. Hot yoga is yoga practiced in a heated room, to help you sweat out toxins and make your muscles and joints more limber, for increased flexibility and better posture.

Pilates, meanwhile, are exercises that focus on strengthening your core muscles, including your back, hip and abdominal muscles. They also help increase your flexibility and improve your posture. Like yoga, pilates also teaches you to breathe properly, which energizes your body and allows you to focus better.

NEW! Entrainment Yoga is a new, very unique style of Yoga based on the principles of traditional Hatha Yoga. It was designed as precise flows practiced to music composed especially for Entrainment Yoga practice. The aim of Entrainment Yoga – stimulating the seven main chakras (energy centres along the spine) – is achieved through a scientifically based idea of entrainment, or synchronizing one’s energy with the energy of the group and the universal energy, Prana. Practicing Entrainment Yoga results in instant rejuvenation and long-term healing effects. It is a style that could be practiced by anyone, but will appeal most to those who are looking for something more than physical exercise in Yoga. It is a style that combines Yoga and spiritual dance. Entrainment Yoga classes are 90 minutes long.

NEW! Restorative Yoga consists of Hatha Yoga flows modified for the students who for any reasons (age, injuries) cannot perform advanced Asanas (postures). This very gentle style is centered around physical and energetic healing, and serves as a great introduction to Yoga. Restorative Yoga works on Hatha Yoga principles of restoring the natural balance of energy in a completely painless way, and can be successfully combined with physiotherapy.

NEW! Yin Yoga is a highly beneficial therapeutic practice that is available to students at all levels – this practice involves deep stretching intended to maintain or improve the functional mobility associated with a balanced and healthy body. It is the logical balance to a yang style of yoga practice (i.e.vinyasa yoga) or other physical activities, and it has the added bonus of contributing to the mindfulness necessary for a successful meditation practice.



All Levels Class (AL):  This class is designed to accommodate yoga practitioners at all levels. It will connect basic yoga postures to the breath while toning and stretching the muscles, detoxifying the body and relaxing the mind.

Hot Core (HC): This class will focus on strengthening the core muscles. It will tone muscles throughout the abdominal area and deep inner core. All levels.

Yin Yoga (YY): This class will emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles and target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine.

Detox Flow (DF)

Entrainment Yoga (EY)

Restorative Yoga (RY)






Michelle DiMillo

After receiving my yoga teacher certification by the beautiful beach in Mexico, my love and passion for yoga continues to grow. I wish to share the gift of yoga with students seeking a spiritually enlightening and physically rewarding practice. I teach the style of Vinyasa yoga, which harmonizes traditional asana postures to the breath, calming and quieting the mind, while detoxifying and strengthening the body.


Ashleigh started practicing yoga over four years ago; it was an escape from her very demanding store manager job at high profile companies. As each class progressed it became clear that this escape was becoming something more, and Ashleigh began to embark on a spiritual journey that offered much more than a yoga class. Yoga has helped Ashleigh reconnect with her body after taking several years off from dancing, it has also opened up a new world of peace and stillness through meditation which previously never existed. Two years into her practice she made a commitment to herself that she wanted to bring this kind of change and peace to others and vowed to become a certified teacher by her 30th birthday. In May 2013 Ashleigh started her 200 hour Hatha teacher training under Diana Lockett from Mississauga; in January 2014 Ashleigh also completed her Yin/Yang training under Erin Aquin from De La Sol Yoga in Hamilton. Ashleigh teaches, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang yoga all under the Anusara principal’s, this type of yoga resonates the most with Ashleigh, and has helped her open her heart to something bigger on and off the mat. As a teacher, Ashleigh prides herself on focusing all attention on her students, and making it a safe and loving environment to learn and practice in. She also hopes to inspire through her learnings and experience’s, and help everyone see their potential in their true self.

Laura Pereira

Laura was introduced to yoga in 2005, it was in her very first class that she made a life-long commitment to the practice. To this day, Laura continues to be astonished by the transformation that yoga has brought to her life. Through yoga, Laura is able to practice becoming more present, peaceful and compassionate, and aims to infuse these practices into her teaching. Laura is passionate about integrating yoga into the world of social activism, she is the co-founder of Children of Light Charitable Organization, and is dedicated to reducing childhood poverty in the rural region of Gambo, Ethiopia. In between fundraising and yoga Laura is also studying International Development and Professional Writing at York University. Laura is inspired and guided by the teachings of Michael Stone along with the Moksha Yoga Community. She is thankful to all of her teachers for their ongoing support and inspiration in becoming more awake.  As a yoga teacher, Laura hopes to assist students in the practice of opening up their mind/body, to relieve stress and anxiety, and to bring more joy and kindness into the world.

Dave Jasmine

As a long-time Yoga practitioner and experienced Yoga teacher, I would appreciate an opportunity to teach you about the positive effects that traditional Yoga can have not only on your physical health, but also on all the levels of your existence. I am prepared to work with you regardless of your level and physical condition. In fact, teaching Beginner Yoga and Restorative Yoga most rewarding because these styles accommodate individuals whose needs are overlooked by most modern schools of Yoga. I received my Yoga Teaching Certificate through Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, Canada. I studied Yoga with a highly knowledgeable and experienced master – Shakti Mhi – who opened my eyes to the incredible potential of traditional Yoga. Thanks to her, I gained a strong understanding of spiritual and psychological aspects of Yoga. At the same time, my Bachelor of Science degree helps me link Yoga to Biochemistry, Neurology and Physiology. With a Bachelor of Education degree, I am fully qualified to guide you through your Yoga adventure and help you unlock your inner strengths.