IMPORTANT: Information about the Health-Pro Wellness Yoga Booking System
Dear Yogis,
Thank you for joining Health Pro Wellness Yoga Studio. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our new studio policies and etiquette.
Minimum of 2 Students:
• As a boutique studio, we only have 6 spots available for each class.
• If the online schedule says “6 available spots”, no one has signed up for the class.
• If you sign up for a class and 1 hour before there are still “5 available spots” that means you are the only one signed up.
• Unfortunately, we cannot run the class with only one student; we require a minimum of 2 students to teach the class.
• Classes will only run if the online system indicates “4 spots available”
• Please check the online schedule and your e-mail one hour before classes to ensure there is no cancellation.
Signing Up for Classes:
• ALL students are required to sign up online before class.
• Sign up is required 8 hours before morning classes and at least 1 hour before afternoon and evening classes. Registration closes 1 hour before the class.
• Go to and click on Yoga & Pilates, which is under Services.
• Click ‘Register for a Class’ to see the monthly schedule.
• Click on your desired class and sign up.
• Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email.
• Please email at least 4 hours before to cancel your reservation for a class. This is the only acceptable way to cancel a class.
• It is recommended that you sign up for an evening or afternoon class 2-3 hours prior to the class in order to minimize the amount of times you cancel a reservation.
• Students are permitted 2 cancellations per month, and will be charged/credited for the 3rd class that is cancelled.
• Please understand that cancellations affect all other students and teachers; excessive cancellations will no longer be tolerated.
Missed Classes
• If you are signed up for a class and miss it without a cancellation email, we must credit you.
• If you have a package, it will count as a used class
Studio Etiquette
• Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in and set up in the studio space.
• Latecomers will not be permitted. Class will start at the scheduled time.
• No talking in the studio room- please observe silence before and after class
• No bags, cell phones or shoes in the studio room, please avoid bringing personal valuables to the space.
* If you have any doubts about whether a class is running or not, do not hesitate to call us at 647-347-3848 or email
Health Pro Wellness Yoga Team